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Blue Dragon’s creative cell. For smart strategies, remarkable concepts, creative design and many other promising activities at both brand and campaign level.

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Blue Dragon’s digital experts. For websites, applications, mobile apps and e-commerce solutions. Developed in-house, for every conceivable platform, system and channel.

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We live in a time where almost everything is possible. And you’re probably thinking: 'Yes, if you have technology and big data!'. Of course, there’s that, but you don’t touch anyone with technology and big data. Good ideas can influence people. And then the possibilities are suddenly endless.

Blue Dragon Strategy & Concept is the creative cell within Blue Dragon. What used to be called 'the advertising agency'. This is where the ideas come from, brands are invented, and remarkable campaigns are developed. Here, customers are challenged to go deeper and further. Until it sticks.

It is sometimes said of creatives that they're different. Or that they lack focus. They may well be, but at Blue Dragon Strategy & Concept they certainly don’t lack focus. If you have to come up with original perspectives, you shouldn't worry about what other people think. You must be free to think and consider the unthinkable.

Someone will always say 'no that’s impossible!' or 'they will never go for that!' But that’s not the point. Eventually there is always an idea on the table that works. An idea that has the effect that the customer is looking for.

Blue Dragon Strategy & Concept is deliberately not specialized in any particular sector. That kind of specialization is deadly for creativity and innovation. There is nothing more beautiful and challenging than thinking up successful things for the most diverse people, brands, markets and cultures. It’s that variety that keeps it exciting and sharpens the brain.

So go ahead and simply start the conversation with them! About your brand, your organization, your products, your services, your activities, your dreams, and all the communication issues that go with it. The chances are you will be stimulated and inspired. And who knows what will happen then!


Blue Dragon Digital Technology is on top of all the latest technological developments in order to develop and deliver original websites, leading-edge applications, the latest mobile apps and e-commerce solutions that generate real value.

Blue Dragon Digital Technology originates from TU Eindhoven where the two founders embraced the challenge of developing complex applications. From the start it was not just about the technology, but more about its effect. And it still is.

Communication and technology are inextricably linked to each other and that is something that has only been reinforced in the past decade. But just knowing a lot about technology is not enough. You also need to know how you can make it valuable for people and therefore for companies, organizations and governments.

The benifits and possibilities that come from today's technologies have increased enormously in recent years and will only continue to grow. Some people find that intimidating, but Blue Dragon Digital Technology only gets more energy and inspiration from it. More and more data is available, technologies are becoming increasingly smart, and people are increasingly embracing technology. And that goes far beyond just the computer, tablet or smartphone. Through 'the internet of things', more and more devices and tools are connected. This offers Blue Dragon Digital Technology a constantly growing market in which to deliver results that matter.


Blue Dragon Online Marketing optimizes the online customer journey to achieve the highest results in brand awareness, activation, loyalty and leads.

Today, the amount of available information is endless. But by combining and analyzing information from databases, customer profiles, social media and surveys, Blue Dragon Online Marketing provides insights for effective online marketing. In this way, it becomes possible to present target groups with messages and propositions that are uniquely suited to them and are visible at the right time in the right place. Through these personalized customer experiences, Blue Dragon Online Marketing realizes the highest conversion results and enjoys the strongest customer loyalty.

Optimizing online customer experiences is a continuous process. A cycle of measuring, analyzing, reporting, adjusting and optimizing. The data analysts of Blue Dragon Online Marketing measure and analyze the online behavior of your target groups by filtering valuable data, performing A/B tests, and discovering patterns within the customer journey. This is done for each sub-phase within the optimization process and for all relevant online channels. In this way they can make timely adjustments and continuously optimize the overall customer experience.

Blue Dragon Online Marketing uses the latest technologies for data analysis in combination with their expertise and creativity in digital and data. This enables them to get the most out of the available data. And based on user insights, Blue Dragon Online Marketing also brings new ideas to life. Helping to innovate by developing customer-focused online concepts and solutions for the customer, whether that is a website, app, campaign or other online application.

Blue Dragon Online Marketing always thinks and works from the point of view of the brand and the online brand awareness that can be generated by it. To serve as a basis for optimal online marketing, the brand must be sufficiently distinctive. This ensures the highest return for the budget available.


Blue Dragon Cloud Services develops, hosts, and maintains state-of-the-art infrastructures for websites, e-commerce and online applications.

Many Blue Dragon clients use online campaigns, tools and applications. To guarantee them as much security and convenience as possible, we offer our own hosting through Blue Dragon Cloud Services. Safety, stability and continuity are self-evident key words, whereby specific requirements are met for all types of legislation and customers.

Services range from domain registration and web hosting to geographically-separated infrastructures based on current ISO standards for data storage and security. Penetration tests ensure that applications and infrastructures are protected and remain at the highest level.


You’ll find us where creativity, technology and connectivity intersect. Where everything, and we mean everything, is possible to help your communications make an impact. We work for brands that want to move forward. Who want to be stimulated, challenged and surprised. Regardless of their product, market or culture. Brands that want to increase speed - thoughtfully, creatively and technologically. Can we count you in?


You can only expect a meaningful response when you actually make contact. Really get inside the issue. So you need to know who your target groups are, what they want, how they live, think and function. Because only then can you optimally coordinate the message, timing, execution and channel. We know how to give as personal an approach and experience as possible. Because the message is king.


It’s great that it’s there, but technology should never really be a goal in itself. Technology makes things possible that recently were unthinkable. And because developments continue to accelerate, everyone is eagerly looking forward to what the future will bring. Opportunities to help our customers realize their dreams and goals. But we go further: we love technology. Not only because it makes our profession so much more challenging but because, with us, the possibilities are endless.


Communication works better when it triggers people. If it stands out and touches people. So we use our creativity to come up with surprising ideas so that brands, campaigns and activities become remarkable, stand out from the crowd, and have so much more effect. If creativity is to deliver a concrete result, then simply having a 'different' idea is not enough. It must be something that influences people in such a way that they become curious. That they get involved and are challenged to get involved. That requires exceptional creativity, because you never forget something special.

Men of the Netherlands, listen up

Only For Men

Blue Dragon & Only for Men

In 2011, we won the office pitch and, as they say, the rest is history. Since then, we have developed countless campaigns, brands, concepts, formulas, jokes and activities for and with Only for Men. We are always given plenty of room to 'do what you’re paid for' and we make good use of that. What was yesteryear's budget retailer has turned into an award-winning fashion brand that is now the talk of the town.


A few years ago we chose Hans Kraay Jr. as the face of Only for Men, a decision we certainly don’t regret. He is a person that you either love or hate and that’s good because someone who is everyone's friend is too boring for Only for Men. Hans helped us tremendously in giving Only for Men the edge we were looking for.

Men of the Netherlands, listen up

After many years of radio campaigns, the ‘Men of the Netherlands’ know what is coming after hearing these words. Hans would sometimes speak about fashion, but also about how nice/special/weird/nice it is to be a man. The brand recognition really increased. Sadly, despite many nominations, we never quite won the ‘Loden Lion’ award.


In 2018, we decided to advertise on TV for the first time, as well as on the radio. Together with Lukkien, we developed two commercials. Naturally, these included a role for Hans, as a follow-up to the years of radio campaigns, but in a different way. We did not give Hans an obvious leading role. Only for Men does it for all Men of the Netherlands and so we used a cross-section of the ‘Men of the Netherlands’, with here and there a well-known Dutchman for extra effect.

Radio campaign

In addition to the TV campaign, we developed a derivative campaign on the radio. In these commercials, four famous Dutch people are coached by Hans as his possible successor. No one knows whether that will actually happen. We will just have to see what 2019 brings.

Bring it on

Hapert Trailers

In 2015, Hapert Trailers was looking for a bureau to support the brand's major growth ambitions. After a brief office orientation, Blue Dragon was chosen. We started at the beginning using our Brand Impact method to distil the brand essence which was approved with only a few minor adjustments. A few weeks later the new brand concept of Hapert Trailers was a fact and we launched Europe’s first premium trailer brand with the proposition 'Bring it on'.

Since then we have intensively supported Hapert Trailers and helped them with communication, marketing and tools. As a result, the internal pride has risen considerably. The dealer network has completely changed and is now, together with help from Blue Dragon Online Marketing, being structurally supplied with leads. Meanwhile Blue Dragon Digital Technology has developed the website, created a mountain of links, and built a parts webshop. We have invented labels and cut labels. We have also made successful steps on the German market. The result: growth, prosperity and optimism!


Within technical industries, communication is often interchangeable and boring. It is mostly about quality and partnership. And it is also littered with specifications. But nobody seems to wonder about how much effect these messages actually have. At Blue Dragon we go for the real meaning and added value of the brand and cultivate it in a remarkable way. For the real effect, not for the theater. And that works, every time. We did not have to explain that to Hapert Trailers. They asked for it themselves.

Declaration of love

Having a very good trailer may sound trivial, but it is actually critical to many people. The day-to-day business of many road workers, gardeners and construction companies stands or falls as a result of it. You can totally rely on your Hapert trailer, day in, day out, even if it has to put up with some rough treatment and that leads to some special emotions. We therefore made a successful social media campaign in the Netherlands and Germany to get the message across.

Approved, not approved

Euler Hermes

Euler Hermes wanted an agency that could help them get more out of their cooperation with Rabobank and their credit insurance product. Initially, the focus was on improving the short-term conversion rate.

What exactly is credit insurance?

We read up on the subject, put together a project group and started an inventory. It immediately became clear that it always pays to ask additional questions. We quickly discovered that it was not just an optimization process that was necessary at their partner the Rabobank. Too few SMEs were familiar with credit insurance or did not know what its added value was. A third challenge was: who is Euler Hermes? The brand proved to be insufficiently known and accepted by the SME target group. This presented a three-part challenge and so we set up a debriefing session that led to a new strategy and concept.

Never say ‘never'

Before Euler Hermes partnered with us, the brand communicated in a mainly functional and informative way. This is something that we often see that with serious financial service providers. There’s nothing wrong with good information, but it has to be intelligible and really reach the target groups. To create more effect, we persuaded Euler Hermes to try another approach which opened up a whole new world of communicative possibilities for the brand.

Safe entrepreneurship is not about gambling

We went in search of the essence of the SME target group which is that they simply want to get paid for what they have delivered. Sometimes waiting for a payment can involve considerable uncertainty and worse, sometimes there is simply no payment. The credit insurance (and credit check) of Euler Hermes offers a solution to this enabling SMEs to do business safely instead of simply waiting and hoping for payment. Gambling is only for casinos.

'Welcome to a new round of Approved, Not Approved'

We made the gambling factor for entrepreneurs crystal clear by exaggerating it in the campaign concept. We developed a radio campaign in which a quizmaster plays the ‘Approved, Not Approved' game with some entrepreneurs. Then, of course, we copied the scope of the whole story to reflect business today.

Very trustworthy.

In addition, we developed an online campaign and a multiple DM campaign for risk specialists and account managers at Rabobank. The campaign will be activated twice in 2018 when we hope it will have a significant impact on that three-part challenge that we discussed at the beginning of this story.

Factory of the future

Bosch Rexroth

Factory of the future

Bosch Rexroth has undergone some enormous technological developments in recent years. That required a brand repositioning, which we were allowed to develop. With a repositioning, it’s always nice to come up with an impressive achievement for the launch and this was just such a case.

We launched the Factory Of The Future concept at the Hannover Messe. Here Bosch Rexroth explains and shows in a very grand way what the brand can do in the field of factory automation. We developed the campaign concept, the communication around it, and also the designs for the 'enablers', some of Bosch Rexroth’s tools which were brought to life and shown live at the fair.




With six branches, Ekris BMW is the largest BMW dealer in the central region of the Netherlands and uses innovative concepts to optimally serve its market. The company was interested in selling original BMW parts online and so asked us to develop a webshop. The goal was a webshop where, by merely entering a license-plate and chassis number, private and commercial customers could instantly locate and purchase the right BMW parts for their vehicle.

Complex projects

Because of the many different information systems involved, as well as the extensive product range, the biggest challenge was connecting many different databases. Crucially, we wanted to create a seamless transition between these various complex databases, allowing every visitor to easily find the parts they needed for their BMW.

Customer specific ‘Service Connect’

Based on Open Source OOP/MVC architecture, we developed a customer-specific ‘Service Connect’ offering. This is a dataset that enables fast and efficient connections and switching between the most-used standards file types such as XML, XSD and JSON. Thanks to this innovative web application, we could interlink all the necessary database systems listed below within an extremely short time frame:

  • The RDW license plate registration database
  • The BMW vehicle database
  • The BMW parts database
  • The Ekris customer database
  • The LifeStyle product database (Autoline)
  • The Webshop

The benchmark

Because of this integral and result-oriented approach, we were able to develop an advanced e-commerce solution very quickly. The result was a complex, convenience-first webshop that allows anyone to order vehicle-specific BMW parts and accessories online within the blink of an eye. Because of the interactive UX web design that efficiently balances usability, design and performance, the webshop took off immediately. Within just a few months, Ekris BMW realized a substantial turnover that steadily kept growing, and its webshop became a benchmark for the entire sector.



FreeStyle Libre

Having to draw blood each day to measure glucose levels might seem tough, but it is an everyday reality for diabetes patients and can significantly interfere with their daily life and routines. Abbott Diabetes Care has therefore introduced a new and revolutionary system of measuring glucose called Freestyle Libre. Freestyle Libre allows a patient to painlessly scan their glucose levels in just one second. Abbott asked us how they could make this revolutionary method known to as many patients as possible as well as encouraging them to use it. Because why draw blood if you can scan?

Considerable challenge

Where their health is concerned, it is hard to convince people to adopt new and unknown methods. Doing it requires building trust. Thankfully we could make good use of Abbott’s strong reputation and brand power. The next step was finding the target groups and informing and convincing them.


We developed a range of introductory videos that allowed us to both communicate as much information as possible in a short time and also to create a reliable feeling of quality. The hands of a diabetes patient suffer most as this is where the blood is drawn with a lancet—so they got a leading role. We then made clear animated video’s in order to clearly explain how Freestyle Libre works. These were used in Abbott’s social media campaigns.


We also developed an informative website for visitors where they could learn everything they needed to know about this revolutionary new system for measuring glucose. Diabetic patients were also able to register themselves in advance at andersglucosemeten.nl and receive a Freestyle Libre starter pack.



Together with Holland Art Group, Blue Dragon created an entirely new design for Volvo Car Design’s website. We also developed the Volvo Design Guide app as an extension to the website.

Design moves us

It all started when Volvo Car Nederland decided to change its design direction and asked us to create a new website and app based on this new design direction. Building on the theme ‘design moves us’, the automotive brand aims to inspire both design fans and aficionado’s. For this, we worked together with Holland Art Group. The goal is to bring design, designers and Volvo even closer together.

The Challenge

Volvo’s new design direction is an explicit statement on design, creativity and technology.

The challenge for us at Blue Dragon was to successfully translate that new outlook into two digital solutions: two innovative products that creatively highlight both the unique ‘Design Moves Us’ direction as well as Volvo’s outlook on design.


Volvo Car Nederland asked us to create an inspiring and high-end website based around the following three pillars:

  • Volvo Design Collection: presenting a unique designer collection
  • Volvo Design Challenge: stage for upcoming designers
  • Volvo Design Guide: hotspots in the field of design

Wij ontwikkelden een interactieve website die de nieuwe designrichting van Volvo op krachtige wijze tot leven brengt.


As an extension of the Volvo Design Guide, we developed the Design Guide App for smartphones and tablets. With this useful app, any design aficionado can easily discover the most interesting design hotspots of the Netherlands.

The result

The Volvo Cars Design Website and Design Guide App were successfully launched. These innovative applications offer an excellent basis for future expansion as well as various tools that powerfully contribute to the expansion of the ‘Design Moves Us’ project.

Can’t do it? Yes you can!


Mondygo. Can’t do it? Yes you can!

There are many websites which allow you to compare holidays and combinations of flights, accommodation and transport. But there is only one website that compares everything all these websites have to offer together and offers you the lowest price possible: Mondygo. Can’t do it ? Yes you can!

Mondygo is not your average new ‘Expedia’, it turns the world on its head. That is why we positioned Mondygo as ‘the new standard in trip booking’. That’s quite a statement, but true. The campaign concept plays with an initial disbelief, but tells the trip consumer that actually ‘it is possible’. The entire Netherlands needed to know about it and so we advertised it on the radio, television, outdoors, and of course, online.

As I am


Sinner is een samenwerking met Blue Dragon aangegaan voor branding, campaigning en online marketing. Hiervoor moest de bestaande As I Am propositie opnieuw inhoud en kracht krijgen. Wij vonden deze merkfilosofie opnieuw uit en verbonden er een communicatieve formule aan. ‘Jezelf zijn’ is een zweverig verhaal, maar je leven keihard in eigen handen hebben en houden is concreet.

What's next?


Brand design + Annual Report

In 2017, Etcetera developed the rebranding of Leaseplan. For this, we were asked to execute all the offline communication. This was an enormous task, with the annual report being the biggest challenge of all. But it is something we do well, because we have been producing the annual reports for Leaseplan for years. For the 2017 edition, Design Bridge drew up the basic concept.

Smart clean


ECN (The Dutch Energy Research Centre) is an international player in energy innovation. The Centre does research in the field of solar and wind power, biofuels, waste, energy conservation, ecology and sustainable energy systems, and also provides independent advice on policy and strategy. ECN came to us to ask whether we could develop a campaign that would increase their brand awareness. We dived head first into their question and soon discovered something interesting: it’s not the technical knowledge that makes the outstanding researcher, but the inquisitiveness and courage to consider the unthinkable. They are quite the adventurous bunch, those scientists! The resulting campaign was mainly activated online.

Safety first

Safety awareness in mid and west Brabant

Never take safety for granted

What do you do when your pan catches fire? How do you prevent a short circuit from happening in your home? It all comes down to safety awareness: being alert to your safety and that of those around you. We therefore developed the Vooropletters concept (a play of words that translates roughly into ‘those who pay attention first’). The goal was to structurally grow citizens’ safety awareness. We have since carried out many different Vooropletters campaigns, for example, during the fire-prevention weeks, for which the nationwide theme was ‘close your door’. During these weeks, we raised awareness about the importance of closing your doors during a fire. In addition to this nationwide campaign, we developed a guerrilla campaign on a regional level that generated a lot of extra attention with only a relatively small budget.

The school boards’ association formerly known as Besturenraad


Sometimes the past catches up with you. And although you know that it is happening, you still cannot find the time to connect your brand to today’s new reality. This happened to the School Boards’ Association (Besturenraad), a Dutch association for Catholic and Christian schools. As a result, the collective decided to change things and we were chosen to help them develop a new brand. One that went beyond just being a great fit for the current organisation, but would open new doors and is future proof. Our answer was to develop Verus.

Connect. Engage. Succeed.


Centric is the owner of a large group of diverse European companies. The board decided that these international companies should be called Centric and that they should communicate as a single, central brand concept. We combined our Brand Impact method with an international vision group and an additional reflection group. Based on the pre-designed Brand Challenge, our concept team developed a brand philosophy and campaign called connect.engage.succeed. This attracted both the internal and external target groups and challenged them to grow to new heights. The new branding was then successfully activated on an international level by Centric itself.

No matter what


Welling develops and produces complex medical equipment and sensor technology. The company measures up to the greats and always goes a step further than the competition. After years of building and growing, Welling decided it was time to professionalize its brand and communication and connect it to who they really are. We developed a new brand concept and corporate communication for them and their brand movie is an excellent example of this.



Had a good workout? Zanussie does the Teamwash

Active twenty to thirty-five-year-olds have better things to do than the laundry. Yet this is exactly Zanussi’s target group. It is a demographic that knows the brand, but is not very interested in it. So, we decided that it was about time for a charm offensive in the Netherlands and Belgium. Because a large part of the target group takes part in team sports, they have large amounts of team gear that often needs to be washed. We therefore developed the Zanussi Teamwash, your very-own laundry service for your team’s dirty gear. Thousands of participants signed up through Facebook and more than one hundred teams actually won a Teamwash service at their club, including a fantastic party for their club.

Live like you drive



Since 2011, we have been regularly helping Only for Men develop their own clothing lines. One of the most interesting projects was the development of the Donkervoort clothing brand based, of course, on the purist Dutch sportscar brand. Only for Men took care of the collection, Donkervoort lent its name to it, and we were allowed to develop the brand concept. We created the Live Like You Drive concept which was used for the shop-in-shop, during events, for packaging, and for all the communication surrounding the new clothing line.

Enjoy. Make it special.



Lindeboom is successfully maneuvering itself in the fast-growing market for craft beers. And this is especially true for its Gouverneur beer, which just cannot stop winning awards. We developed a new brand concept for this craft beer. The Gouverneur (or ‘Governor’) was originally just a brand name but we turned him into a real-life person. There is now an actual Gouverneur! He has been brought to life as a champion of the good life. A real-life ambassador for enjoying each day to the utmost.

For years, the Lindeboom beer brand had been successful because of what it meant to regional publicans and beer lovers. But the brand wanted to grow and attract new consumers within their own market. Together, we concluded that the brand range at the time was too limited to stimulate and attract new target groups. However, the existing proposition ‘Beer from Here’ (‘t Bier van Hier) could definitely bring new life to the brand. We developed an extensive branding platform for this that includes corporate communication, consumer branding, B2B activation, social media, promotions, packaging, an app, events and merchandise.


Serious Care


There is nothing wrong with following traditional classroom lessons, studying course materials and gaining practical experience during internships. However, there are more ways to learn and, in some cases, these new ways can be more effective and more fun. So how do you ensure that the theory connects together better and can be translated directly into practice? By offering it as a game, because by playing you learn better, faster and have more fun. At the request of the ROC educational college of Twente, we developed the Serious Care Game in which we simulate a healthcare institution and challenge the Caring-IG to bring knowledge and skills into the virtual practice.


The ROC in Twente realized that its students live in a world of interactivity and digital media. They are used to getting a lot of stimuli and have difficulty keeping focused for a whole lesson. They therefore went in search of a learning environment that is close to the students’ daily lives. Internal research has shown that a significant number of students play games on their mobile devices and this led to the idea of combining teaching material, practice and gaming into one concept.


Developing a game is one thing, but developing a game that really contributes to learning is something else. It actually gave us a nice challenge where gamification and education needed to be perfectly mixed. We simulated a healthcare institution, developed a game concept, and integrated the learning material into all the challenges presented to the players. Students were able to compare scores and earn points and badges. However, the biggest advantage was that they could learn in a much more fun way in their own time, at their own pace, and on their own device. Teachers were able to follow and monitor the progress of each student through an application that was created for this purpose.


During phase 1, students were immediately able to concentrate on the game for much longer than during an average lesson. And what was learned actually turned out to be better. In phase 2, we introduced new levels and characters. We also added new functionalities and worked even more with animations. Meanwhile, the ROC in Twente is using the game a lot and they have also been approached by various publishers.


Hapert Trailers

150 hungry dealers

At Blue Dragon we do a lot for Hapert Trailers. After repositioning and re-working all their corporate communications, it was time for the biggest challenge: delivering leads to the extensive international network of 150 Hapert dealers in Belgium, Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands while helping them as much as possible.

International dealer strategy

One thing is certain: an overwhelming majority of the target groups of Hapert Trailers orient themselves online. We played on this carefully creating a complete marketing package. The pull of our strategy resulted in an even better brand awareness which created the necessary brand preference in the market. We also made sure that the overall knowledge about their products was increased. The push of our strategy went through all the different distribution channels. This allowed us to offer Hapert and its products online and directly to potential customers, i.e. in the right place and at the right time.

Above all, dealers have to sell trailers

With our total approach, we took care of almost everything for Hapert Trailers’ headquarters. But more importantly, we took care of the dealers for them. They no longer had to worry about their external profiling and the generation of leads, because they were provided for them. This enabled dealers to fully focus on their core business: selling and servicing trailers. This approach made use of:

  • Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
  • Display Advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Conversion optimization
  • Social Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Care

The result: a continuous supply of leads and a lot of extra interest!

Our approach ensured a continuous flow of leads for every participating Hapert dealer and exceeded the original requirement. The number of qualitative leads rose to 71%, the bounce rate decreased from 80% to 30%, and we achieved a lead percentage of 3.7% through display advertising.

But there was also the necessary extra interest. Through our online campaigns, we optimized the entire online efforts of Hapert Trailers and increased brand awareness, brand loading and brand preference.


Lexmark Europe

Awareness for automation

Lexmark Europe wants to make organizations, both large and small, more aware of the usefulness and necessity of automated business processes. They asked us to help them inform, persuade and stimulate their target groups and so generate more qualitative leads in an efficient, cost-saving way.

Lead campaign in 9 European countries

For the 9 most important European countries where Lexmark is represented, we developed 9 action-oriented microsites and associated online campaigns. On the sites the visitor is not only informed, but also encouraged to download relevant media or contact them. In this way, Lexmark was able to gather important contact data that provided qualitative leads.

Our expertise

In order to be able to make the most of the 9 micro-websites, we deployed the following specializations at all stages of the customer journey:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimalisation)
  • SEA (Search Engine Advertising)
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Creation

Great result

We created a continuous stream of qualitative leads. What was striking about our approach was that the costs per lead dropped by as much as 329%! The cost per click also decreased enormously by 231% while the click-through rate increased by 196%!

Cooperating with Boxtel

Municipality of Boxtel

Unfortunately, not everything is possible. But things are often much more possible than people think. Boxtel wants to be a municipality where everyone should be able to get the best out of themselves and their environment. So if its citizens have any interesting plans or ambitions, then Boxtel wants to know about them! With the cooperation of Boxtel, we can look at the possibilities and at what is actually possible – together.

This is Josje


This is Josje and this is Josje.

Dream4Kids gives children with a trauma a new start. The foundation depends on sponsors, subsidies and volunteers. Because Dream4Kids gets relatively few opportunities to profile itself, when that one opportunity actually presents itself, it has to be hard hitting. We came up with the ‘I Am Josje’ concept to clearly and effectively explain what Dream4Kids is doing. The concept was used in advertising, online, and during presentations for potential sponsors. This made it possible to make the pain of the traumatized child tangible and thus to stimulate people and organizations into supporting Dream4Kids.

But what are you going to do?

Travel Bricks

The ultimate booking site.

TravelBricks wanted to increase its market share in the Netherlands. For that, we first had to put right the basics of the brand. The travel website is part of an immensely large international network of travel providers and this makes it possible to book almost everything on TravelBricks. But what really distinguishes them is the enormous choice of activities that can be booked at a location. And it is precisely these activities that make a trip special. So the flight, hotel, local transport ... we all know about that. But what exactly are you going to do when you actually get there? On Travelbricks, you can search for, find and book it all. We developed the brand concept and rolled out the activation campaign on radio, TV and online.

Branding & Packaging

Meesters van de Halm (Masters of De Halm)

Pure Mastery

De Halm is a 100% organic, unique and successful crushed grain product. After years of positive internal and external development, the management decided that the time was right to optimize the brand and its communication and packaging. Although the truth was already staring us in the face, we went through it again just to make sure that we came to the right insights and choices. We changed the brand name to 'Meesters van de Halm' and gave the brand the title it deserved. We also further developed the corporate identity and used it as the basis for the new product packaging. The brand was now ready for the next step.

We move, you win

Bosch Rexroth

Blue Dragon & Bosch Rexroth

Over the years we have worked for many different divisions and brands of Bosch. Based on that experience, in 2017 we were asked to think about the new Bosch Rexroth. The brand was still a big name in hydraulics, but had undergone enormous technological development in recent years. It was therefore high time to connect the brand to that new reality. And we were given the honor of doing it.

Multiple choice branding? No way, man!

If we are allowed to (re) place a brand, we almost always work on the basis of our Brand Impact method. However, in this case we found it better to work in a different way. Bosch Rexroth had already made the necessary strategic inventories and that had even led to some internal campaign concepts. But insufficient choices had been made to get the external brand fully focused. We therefore decided to include the Bosch Rexroth vision group in a scenario based on Brand Impact. Of course we did not do Multiple Choice Branding, but initially the use of scenarios seems a bit like that. In fact, we presented a number of well-developed brand concepts as a guide for inventory and discussion. This worked fantastically well and gave the customer a grip on their brand in an alternative way. A crystal clear course followed from this.

We move. You win.

There is a lot of modesty within the Bosch brand family. But if you can do what Bosch Rexroth can do, that deserves to be given proper attention and publicity. Conceptually they bring movement, in everything they do. If it is your ambition to be constantly technologically ground breaking, then standing still is unthinkable. The ok hydraulic brand of yesteryear became a proud, high-tech brand. A brand that helps a huge number of customers worldwide to stay competitive. That is the reasoning behind the brand proposition ‘We move. You win’. It represents a belief that they can make it happen.

International rebranding

The international rebranding of an organization such as Bosch Rexroth is a huge exercise for everyone involved. Our role in this is both big and small. In addition to the development of the new brand concept, we have an ongoing role in the further concept development and monitoring of the brand. A lot of activities and production is done by Bosch Rexroth itself, together with a multitude of local partners in the countries where they are active. One of the nice things that we had in mind was the development of the international launch movie. We came up with the concept, wrote the script, and accompanied the recordings. Lukkien did the production. The film kicks off a new brand chapter for Bosch Rexroth and was shown for the first time at the Hannover Messe.

Now it’s about you


That the company provides particularly good care is of course something very special. It has a huge impact on the life of the person receiving the care. Vivent does everything possible to enable its clients to get as much out of their lives as possible, despite the limitations that exist. After all, you only live once. With that as a starting point, we developed the Nu Is Van U (Now it’s about you) campaign. This was activated regionally in advertising, both outdoor and online.


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